"Recte Putando et Faciendo - By Right Thinking and Doing"

CCI Alumni is the place for all CCI Students or Staff to tell us what you've been doing and to let us have a look at you, then and now. CCI Alumni is just a fun way to say hello to everyone and also acts as a contact list so that we can keep everyone up to date with the latest CCI Alumni news.

Just click on the "Add Your Profile" button, give yourself a username and password (so that you are the only one able to make changes to your information) and then fill in the blanks* and upload your photos. Graduation Year is one of the required fields. If you were not at Central during your graduation year, please enter the year you would have graduated had you been attending Central at that time.

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Betty Luft
Airdrie AB Canada Retired Banker Committed Relationship 1 1970
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Marla Larrivee
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rural NOT IN US OR CANADA KR www.rescuekorea.org Single 1996
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Celina Beaton (Crone)
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Weyburn SK Canada Daycare Provider Married 2 1999
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Jason Third
Taber AB CA Plant Manager Sunrise Poultry Married 1 2000
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Carrie Hanson (Anderson)
Cochrane AB CA Office Manager Married 2
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Donna Edgar (Maxwell)
Carstairs AB Canada Appeals Commissioner for Alberta Workers' Compensation (retired) Married 2 1962
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Schenley Irwin (Baker)
Hague SK CA Business Owner Married 6 2005
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Randy Jesse
moose jaw SK CA Peace Officer Married 5 1982
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Jacqueline Armstrong
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Moose Jaw SK Canada Social Worker Single Again 1967
I look forward to renewing old friendships. It has been great finding friends online I haven't seen in years!

After high school I moved to Saskatoon to start university. I ended up getting married and divorced, no children. I then moved to Calgary where I worked with the Post Office for 15 years. I took an early buy-out and returned to university and completed my Bachelor of Social Work at the ripe age of 42. I worked in addictions for years.

After living in Calgary for 30 years, I made the decision to move back to Moose Jaw to be here for my mother after dad passed away three years ago. It has been quite a culture shock (although no heavy traffic is awesome). I am now working as a School Social Worker at two Community Schools in MJ.

I see many of you are retired! How wonderful would that be. I'll probably be working until I'm 70! :)

Hope to see you in July.
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Janice Peterson
Calgary AB CA retired 1968
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