WoE Nomination Form
"By Right Thinking and Doing"
The Central Collegiate Institute Wall of Excellence was established during our centennial year to honour past students who have made exceptional achievements in their field or substantial contributions to their community.

Inductees are selected in the following categories:

     • Academic or Career Accomplishments: Recognized as a respected leader in his
       or her profession who has demonstrated unique talents and/or career accomplishments.

     • Athletic Accomplishments: Recognized for outstanding athletic accomplishments
       while attending Central Collegiate and/or at a college, semiprofessional, or professional level.

     • Cultural/Performing Arts: Recognized for achievements in the cultural, visual,
        performing arts or for contributions to the promotion of such activities.

     • Major Contributions to Central Collegiate Institute: Recognized for promoting Central
        Collegiate either by example or through sustained contribution to the school and students.

     • Special Honorary Achievement: Recognized for special contributions and service
        to Central Collegiate and to the community.

Permanent pictures and plaques commemorate each Wall of Excellence member and are displayed in the main hallway near the office.

To submit a nominee for the Central Collegiate Wall of Excellence:

Submit the nominee’s name and a summary of his or her accomplishments along with your contact info (name, email address and/or phone number) either by using the online form below or by sending this information to:

Wall of Excellence Committee
c/o Principal, Central Collegiate Institute
149 Oxford Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Nomination Form