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Inside the CCI 100 Big Top
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Class of 69 Reunion - July 2016
Class of '61-70th Birthday Party-Sept. 2013
Reunion Photos
Reunion Photos-1930 to 1949
Moana & Ken Bratten & Peggy Prowse
Joanne & Ozzy Phillips
Gladys Morton (Affleck) 42, Marion Tolley (Affleck) 41
Jack Perkins 1938 grad
Jacquie Perkins 1939 grad
Two daughters
Reunion Photos-1950 to 1959
Reunion - Class of 1961
Reunion Photos-1960 to 1969 - #1
Reunion Photos-1960 to 1969 - #2
Reunion Photos-1970 to 1979 - #1
Reunion Photos-1970 to 1979 - #2
Reunion Photos-1980 to 1989
Taken from the stage-at the Saturday night dance
Staff and Faculty
CCI Alumni Photos
CCI Sports Photos
Nathan Belrose, Nelsen Locken,<br>Brent Busse, Assaf Barkaie<br>(and Mom, Rachel), and Steve Schiml<br>Provincial Champs Nov 2003
2013 provincial champs
Alumni - 1948
Alumni - 1950
Alumni - 1953
Donna(Franks)Scharf 1953
Shirley(Crippen)Hunt 1953
Alumni - 1954
Smoking at the<br>front entrance.<br>Don Whitman, centre
1954 Girls Intermediate Basketball<br>Basketbabes!
1954 Boy Bowlers
1954 H.M.S. Pinafore
1954 President<br>Dave Chapman
1954 Senior Boys Basketball<br>F: Scott Mackay, Bob Davis, Mr. Biddell, Don Deydey, Owen Telfer<br>B: Dale OShaughnessy, Wayne Ralph, Bob Henderson, Keith Doane, Ken Lang, Barry Robb, Dale Jackson
Smittys Red & Gold Car<br>In the front row are<br>Bob Davis, Grant Pasuik & Roy Smith (Smitty)<br>On the running board are<br>Merv Markell, Don Wittman & John Bjordammen<br>Back right: Lee Barber and Thomas Scott McKay
The Bjordammen Twins, Rolf and John proudly wearing their CCI sweaters (bright red with gold letter) and wearing their new drapes (25 knee, 12 cuff) in this photo from October, 1953 when the boys were in grade 12 at CCI
Rolf and Smitty<br>CCI 100 Reunion 2010
Louise and Robin Simmons
Alumni - 1955
1955 Grads<br>Senior Boys Basketball
1955 Operetta - The Mikado
1955 Senior Cheerleaders<br>Desira Skene, Marie Lewis, Sharon Armour, Kay Kelly
Alumni - 1956
1956 Basketbabes<br>Senior Girls Basketball
1956 Grads<br>Senior Boys Basketball
1956 Track & Field Winners
Alumni - 1957
1957 SRC
Freshie Day 1957
1957 Grads-Barry Wigmore, John Livingston, Moe Jahnke<br>Back: Mr. Davies, Fred Heal, Dennis Kerr, Milt Shand, Al Mckenzie, Ron Graham, John McIntyre
1957 Central Tech Bonspiel Winners<br>Ron Booth, Don Bell, Skip Hudson, Jim Howes
Members of the Moose Jaw Astronomical Society ca 1957
L-R Layne Larsen, Lyle Paulett, Gerry Poulton, Walter Edgar, Bob Bell, Earl Frieden, Gary Keenan and Lionel Stahl. CCI Alumnae all!
Alumni - 1958
1958 Graduation Dance<br>Boys left to right:  Gary Lees, John Amiss, Peter McQueen, Gary Keenan, Gary Willison<br> Girls left to right: Barb Wigmore, Margaret Bamford, and then we need help with the other names??
1958 Grads<br>Front: Fred Heal, Morley Jahnke, Rod Kaufman<br>Back: Roy Crippen, Dale McCombs, John McIntyre,Alan Rothstein, Mr. Davies
1958 Girls Brier Winners
1958 Senior Cheerleaders
1958 Camera Club
Alumni - 1959
1959 Basketbabes<br>F: Sharon Donelly, Mary Livingston, Karen Davies, Irene Holden, Sandra Devlin<br>B: Geri Borus, Bev Thompson, Miss Thompson, Gloria Wasley, Wenda Berglind
1959 Cheerleaders
Linda Dommer, Miss Central 1959, being crowned by Rob Boadway
Class of 59
L-R: Peggy Johnson, Pat Beattie, Dora Lynn Bailey, Marion Christensen, Pat Spriggs, Barb Pinches, Arlene Curry
School End for 4A 1959
Alumni - 1960
Alumni - 1961
Alumni - 1962
1962 Senior Girls Volleyball
Grad Class 4C 1962
Photo of Class of 62 taken at Bob Pattersons home on Saturday afternoon of the 75th Reunion.
1962 Graduation Class 4B??
Graduation Class 1962  4A
Alumni - 1963
1963 Cyclones<br>Clockwise: 40 Jon Friel, 41 Angus Gordon, Cam Gordon, Ron Reid, 20 Lyn Baker, 61 Jan Hoffa, 62 Steve Murakami,
1963 Basketbabes
Front: Marg Curry<br>Karen Saul, Karen Watson, Cheryl Fryklund, Patty Ewart, Marilyn Taylor<br>Joan Evans, Louise Butler, Gail Fear, Connie Pudden
1963 Saskatchewan High School Boys Curling Champions<br>Back row l to r: Roy Thiessen, Dennis Balderston
Alumni - 1964
1964 Cheerleaders
Aloha 1964??!!!<br>l. to r.: Ron Allen, Bill Medak,<br>Ralph Howes (?)
Class of 1964 at the CCI 75th Anniversary Celebration in 1985
Alumni - 1965 - 1966
1965 Wrestling Team
Barb Zryd, Rona Krauss and Robyn Mason - 1965
Class of 1965 at the 75th CCI Reunion
<p> let me see...youd rather make a living shooting pool!  - L.C.Chapman</p>

<p>Ron Cox, Tim Young and Allan Thomson - 1965</p>
Greg Cave, Bob Leask and Dave Staples
Outstanding Students 1965<br>Pat Cawsey, Jon Hagan
1965 Social Committee
1965/1966 Boys Curling Team - 8 Ender scored March 17, 1966
CCI cross country team ca. 1966. Coached to victory at the provincial meet at Swift Current by Mr. Roy Thiessen.
1965-66 Junior Boys Basketball
Alumni - 1967 to 1969
1966/1967 Boys Curling Team
Skip: Greg Balderston, Third: Graham Thompson, Second: Ron Davies. Lead: Craig Moore
1967 Cheerleaders
1967 Wrestling Club
1968 Girls Football
1968 Boys Basketball
1967/1968 Boys Curling Team
Skip: Craig Moore, Third: Bill Cave, Second: Brad Prather, Lead: Glen Hillson, Coach: Aden Cave
1969 Boys City Curling Champs
1969 Student Radicals
1969 Girls Curling Provincial Champions
Nora Bowler (Christensen), Bev Pomrenke (Bregg) and Faye Little (Rudland) hold up donated CCI shirt
Alumni - 1970
CCI students  l-r Paddy Thompson, Greg Miller, Paul Myers and Dave Phillips hit the big time on CHAB-TV Moose Jaw.
Jeannette Ireland and Penny Donnison
Alumni - 1971
Class of 1971
1971 Cyclones - City Champs
1971 Senior Girls Basketball<br>Provincial Champions
Gertrude (Debbie Phillips) wiping Hamlets (Fred Wigmore) brow. Warren Baker, Russ Nelson and Buzz McFadden look on.
L to R - Fred Wigmore as Hamlet and Warren Baker as Osric. Russ Nelson, Buzz McFadden, and Doug Parsons look on.
1971s 25th Reunion
Alumni - 1972
1972 Film Club<br>F: Leonard Pederson, Linda Lee, Gerald Waldman<br>B: Todd Penn, Fred Mountjoy, Mr. McLaughlin
Mr. and Miss Freshie<br>Ronnie White and Lori Dobrescu
1972 Winter Track Club
1972 Girls Brier<br>Curling Team<br>Provincial Champs<br>Debbie Hunter, Gillian Thompson,Colleen Rudd, Pat Crimp, Mr. Thiessen
72 Grad Committee
Senior Girls Basketball - Provincial Champs
Gr 11-12 Girls Basketball - Alpha
Gr 12 Boys Floor Hockey - Sigma
Senior Cheerleaders
1972 Grad Class 4B
Alumni - 1973
1973 Drama Club
1973 Senior Girls Provincial Basketball Champions
Alumni - 1974
1974 Senior Boys Volleyball<br>City Champions
1974 Pep Club<br>F: Marianne Berezny, Kelly Knox, Kari Stephenson, Mary Jane Hood<br>B: Shelley McLeod, Barb Hughton
1974 Reach For The Top Team<br>Les Welch, Moray Lewis, Laurie Wadsworth, Steve Dolan
1974 Senior Girls Volleyball
1974 Cyclones
Miss & Mr. Central
Karen Namtu & Brent Waldo
Alumni - 1975
1975 S.R.C.
1975 Girls Brier<br>F: Maria Hill, Diane Kramski, Carol Rudd<br>B: Julie Burke, Andrea Hughton
1975 Mr. and Miss Central<br>Marlo Dunlop, Nicki Germaine
1975 Reach For The Top Team
What can I say...
1976 Outlook Staff
from Joe Hindleys camera
Alumni - 1979
1979 Cyclones
1979 Senior Boys Basketball
1979 S.R.C.
1979 Yearbook Staff
1979 Reach for the Top
1979 Senior Cheerleaders
1979 Newspaper Staff
Alumni - 1980
1980 Senior Cheerleaders
1980 S.R.C.
1980 Yearbook Staff
1980 Senior Boys Volleyball
Class of 1980
Alumni - 1981
1981 S.R.C.
1981 Drama Dept.
1981 Senior Cheerleaders<br>City Champs
1981 Jug Band!!??
1981 Choir
Lunch time in the Student Lounge
Lunch time in the Lounge # 2
Mr. Wingert
Home Room 4a Graduation
CCI girls.....
MJs 90210....western style....
Mr. Rob Froese!
Alumni - 1982
1982 Senior Boys Volleyball<br>City Champions
1982 Future Problem Solvers<br>Joanne Foster, Tammy Russell, Heather Ward<br>Back: Mr. Henderson, Heather Thiessen
1982 Yearbook Staff
1982 Senior Boys Basketball<br>Provincial Champions
1982 S.R.C.
Alumni - 1983
1983 S.R.C.<br>Brent Walter, Myrna Stark<br>Allison Petit, Greg Martin<br>Gary Baba, Alann Demeester<br>Scott Duke, Matt Lindsay
1983 Senior Boys Basketball
1983 Senior Cheerleaders
Mr. & Miss Winter Carnival<br>Geoff Zaparinuk and Allison Petit
1983 Students of the Year<br> Laura Wills and Gary Baba
1983 Football
Mrs. Stewarts Class 82-83
Class 83
Graduation Program Cover
Graduation Program
Alumni - 1985
Alumni - 2007
Class of 2007
Images of Central
75th Reunion - 1985