CCI - A History
This is another work in progress. We'll start with photographs and slowly build from there... (this will be a long one... keep scrolling!)
Cattle grazing just above the future CCI site. ca. 1900<br>- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives
Cattle grazing just above the future CCI site. ca. 1900
- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives
Construction of CCI is well under way in the summer of 1909.<br>- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives
Construction of CCI is well under way in the summer of 1909.
- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives
In 1911 CCI had been open for a year and the neighbourhood quickly sprang up around it.<br>- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives
In 1911 CCI had been open for a year and the neighbourhood quickly sprang up around it.
- image from Moose Jaw Public Library Archives

The Forgotten Year

For more than a half century Central Collegiate's written history has always started with the completion of the school building in the fall of 1910, but, by starting there we leave out: Central's actual first Principal, a complete graduating class and the proper graduating year for Central's first Rhodes Scholar.

By 1905 it became clear that a quickly expanding Moose Jaw would need a separate school for senior year students. In 1906 a committee was formed to develop a plan for the proposed collegiate. In early 1907 the money was in place, the building plan was well developed and a site had been chosen to the north west of the city. The new school was to be started in the fall of the next year, 1908, with a completion date set for late fall 1909.

Everything was looking promising for completing the school as scheduled so in early 1908 staff for the new school were chosen and a graduating class was prepared from Victoria School. Mr. J.W. Sifton would be Superintendent, Mr. R.J. Dickinson, a modern languages teacher at Victoria School was chosen as the first Principal and also teacher of English and modern languages; Mr. J.K. Colling was chosen as Vice Principal and teacher of classics and history; Mr. N.L. Massey, teacher of Mathematics; Mr. G.B. Stillwell, teacher of Science; G.E. Meldrum, commercial specialist and C.B. McGregor, general work.

In mid 1908, though, delays ensued and it became obvious by late 1908 that the school would not be ready on the planned date. The staff and students of the new collegiate had been separated from Victoria School in the fall of 1908 and given classrooms on the top floor of Alexandra School. The first class from Central Collegiate would almost be ready to graduate in the spring of 1910 before the school building was actually completed.

The Principal of Moose Jaw Collegiate Institute, Mr. R.J. Dickinson, had a change of heart in 1910 and resigned his position a couple of monthds prior to the school opening to pursue a career in law. Mr. J.K. Colling became the new Principal.

From that first 1910 graduating class came David Neil Hossie, who was also in the first graduating class of University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) and Rhodes Scholar in 1912. Oddly enough, the lack of recognition of CCI's lost year runs quite deep, Mr. Hossie's graduating year is usually given as 1911 and quite often his graduating year is just left as a question mark.
Classrooms ca. 1914: Chemistry, Instructor Mr. D.B. Stillwell (Note the bottles of sulphuric acid sitting at eye level to the students.); Typing Class<br>
Classrooms ca. 1914: Chemistry, Instructor Mr. D.B. Stillwell (Note the bottles of sulphuric acid sitting at eye level to the students.); Typing Class
Library; Woodworking Class, Instructor Mr. W.W. Snider<br>ca. 1914
Library; Woodworking Class, Instructor Mr. W.W. Snider
ca. 1914

Moose Jaw Central Collegiate Institute Timeline

1903    Forerunner of CCI Outlook published as literary magazine
1906    Committee formed to plan and build collegiate for senior year
1907    Plans drawn up, money allocated and site chosen; building to start
           in 1908 and finish in 1909
1908    Staff and students chosen for new school. Mr. R.J. Dickinson
           chosen as first Principal of CCI.
1909    After a one year delay construction of Central begins
           Delay forces first CCI classes to be held in Alexandra School.
1910    First graduating class of CCI (taught at Alexandra School).
           April 29, CCI officially opened. Principal R.J. Dickinson resigns.
           Mr. J. K. Colling becomes new Principal.
Commemorative vase from CCI's 1910 opening ceremonies. (approx. 3
Commemorative vase from CCI's 1910 opening ceremonies. (approx. 3" high - Dresden china)
1912    Galen Heffelfinger, Governor-General Medal winner (first of 54
           medals awarded up to 1985)
           D.N. Hossie, Rhodes Scholar (CCI graduate 1910)

1920    K.H. Hamilton, Rhodes Scholar (CCI graduate 1917)
           Overcrowding at CCI; Ross School becomes Ross Collegiate and
           enrolls high school students from that area.
1922    After teaching for 6 years Mr. Max Ballard becomes Vice Principal
           Outlook first joint issue by Ross and Central Collegiates
1924    Mr. Max Ballard moves to Ross Collegiate to become Principal
1926    WWI Memorial Plaque
1927    George Curtis, Rhodes Scholar (CCI graduate 1924)
1928    Irish Night program begins

1931    Moose Jaw Technical Institute (A.E. Peacock High School) opens.
           Ross Collegiate closes (Ross Elementary remains open) and
           the students are sent to either Tech or Central Collegiate.
           Mr. J. K. Colling retires and Mr. M. Ballard comes back as Principal
           of CCI
           E.R. Hopkins, Rhodes Scholar (CCI graduate 1925)
1932    Moose Jaw Junior College established at CCI (first and second
           year U of S classes taught)
           School song composed by CCI students
1934    Central Grads Boys’ Basketball Team wins Western Canada
           Junior Basketball Championship defeating Alberta and Manitoba
1936    Outlook becomes a yearbook rather than literary magazine.
1937    CCI student Donald Hedley chosen to attend Coronation of King
           George VI, London, England.
1938    New school crests with motto Recte Putando et Faciendo ~

1940    Constitution of CCI Student Society composed.
1941    77th Battery sent overseas. All officers and majority of men, CCI
           grads or former students
           CCI Student Society Constitution formally accepted.
1942    Moose Jaw Junior College ceases to function.
1943    Ben Copeland (Ben Copeland Memorial Sciences Scholarship)
           WWII casualty.
1944    Cost of publishing Outlook $496.77
           Formal reporting of Graduation as part of year’s activities begins
           in Outlook.
           WWII Memorial Plaque
1947    After teaching at CCI for 18 years (1929 - 1946) Mr. Les Chapman
           becomes Vice Principal.

1950    “Whiffy the Skunk” becomes first Outlook mascot.
1951    “Budgy the Bird” reports Outlook events.       
1952    “Oscar the Moose” becomes yearbook main reporter.
1954    Bear becomes CCI mascot.
1955    “Wise Wilty Wimple” is Outlook reporter.
1958    Girls’ Curling team wins Brier.
           Ken Mitchell, Saskatchewan writer, graduates..
1959    Mr. Max Ballard (aka Mr. Central, Mr. Tank) retires as principal.
           Mr. Les Chapman becomes Principal
           After 17 years as teacher (1942 - 1959) Mr. Murray Robinson
           becomes Vice Principal

1960    Golden Anniversary: 50 Years at Central
           Construction of Annex begins: gym, home economics, library,
           industrial arts, lounge, classrooms.
           Staff begins to increase as “baby boom” comes to CCI
1961    New addition to Central open for student use.
           Introduction of student houses (Alpha, Delta, Kappa, Sigma) for
1962    Gym Show and Color Night begins
1963    Provincial champions: Girls’ Curling, Boys’ Curling, Girls’
1964    Boys’ Curling: Provincial champions and Silver Medalists at
           Canadian High School Boys competition.
1964    Rhodes Scholar Robin Boadway (CCI graduate 1960)
1967    Principal Les Chapman retires, 38 years at CCI.
           Mr. M. Robinson becomes Principal
           After 13 years as teacher (1955 - 1967) Mr. K.O. Braaten becomes
           Vice Principal
           Cyclones Football 3A Provincial Champions
1968    Mr. M. Robinson is transferred to become Principal of Riverview
           Collegiate; and in 1969 Mr. Robinson is appointed Deputy Director
           for the Moose Jaw Public Board of Education;
           Mr. K.O Braaten becomes Principal;
           Mr. D.G. Reesor becomes Vice Principal
           Clarion, school newspaper, publishes first year copies.
           Senior Boys Basketball Team wins Provincial Championship
           in Central's gym against Saskatoon's Nutana Collegiate
1969    Mr. K.O Braaten is transferred to become Principal of Riverview
           Collegiate after Mr. Robinson is appointed Deputy Director of
           Mr. D.G. Reesor becomes Principal
           After 9 years as teacher (1960 - 1968) Mr. Dale Clarke becomes
           Vice Principal
           Semester system begins; Winter Carnival begins;
           Rotary Student Exchange Program begins.
           Students walkout in support of teacher negotiations

1970    Diamond Jubilee: 60th Anniversary of CCI
           Supper and Open House
1971    Central Drama Club formed
           Terry Paice wins gold medal for wrestling, Canada Winter Games
1972    School renovations begin.
1973    Mr. F. D. Clarke, Principal.
1976    March 9, Official Opening of newly renovated school: band, choir,
           art, drama classrooms.
1977    History 30 trip begins.
           Reach for the Top team: provincial semi-finalists.
           Official opening: Max Ballard Resource Center
           Gander Nfld Student Exchange
1979    Student international travel begins with trip to England.

1980    Sr. Boys’ Volleyball - Provincial 4A Champions
1981    Sr. Girls’ Volleyball - Provincial Champions
           Sr. Boys’ Basketball - Provincial Champions.
1983    Sr. Boys’ Volleyball, 12th consecutive City Champions
1984    Cyclones Football, Provincial Champions
1985    75th Anniversary CCI; mucho big party!
           Musical Grease produced
1986    Principal F.D. Clarke retires. (26 years CCI)
           CCI begins computerization
           Mr. G.A. Stewart becomes Principal.
           Guysborough Nova Scotia Student Exchange
1987    CCI Drama Club wins One Act Drama Festival with
           the play "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers".
           Outdoor Ed. Class begins: northern canoe trip.
           Bobo the Bear, school mascot, appears in bear dress.
           Colour in Outlook, 86th edition.

1991    CCI Symphonic Band awarded “Outstanding Senior School Band”
           award at Moose Jaw Music Festival.
           French Immersion secondary classes commence.
           Student Leadership Council (SLC) format adopted.
1993    Mr. W. Yakiwchuk becomes Principal.
           Drama 30 class “The Great Electrical Revolution”
           wins Provincial One Act Competition.
1995    Andrew Bedford wins 2 gold medals in shooting competition at
           Canada Winter Games.
1996    Central Artworks formed.
1997    Murals paintedlsculptures hung in CCI hallways/stairwells.
1998    Principal W. Yakiwchuk retires. Mr. A. Andrie becomes Principal
           Girls’ Soccer becomes school sport.
1999    Millenium Edition of Outlook published.

2001    Students gather at MLA office to support teachers’ negotiations.
           Battle of the Sexes fundraiser for Telemiracle.
2002    CCI Cap and Gown Ceremony begins for graduates.
2003    Principal A. Andrie retires.
           Mr. Trevor Smith becomes Principal (CCI graduate, 1985)
           Mr. Dustin Swanson becomes Vice Principal
2008    Mr. Scott Williamson becomes Principal
2011    Mr. Stephane Gauvin becomes Vice Principal
2013    Mr. Don Hand becomes Vice Principal
2014    Mr. Stephane Gauvin becomes Vice Principal
2015    Mr. Lonny Holmes becomes Vice Principal
2017    Mr. Stephane Gauvin becomes Principal
           Mr. Lonny Holmes is Vice Principal
Principal, Scott Williamson, &
Vice Principal, Dustin Swanson (2009)