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The lady teachers on their Sunday outings
Who recalls the three or four lady teachers who took their Sunday outings together in a Model A Ford(?), complete with the cat, in the late '40's/early '50's? Names like Misses Filson and Green come...
Last Post: Jul 11th 2010
Author: Isambard
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What Teacher Did This?
What teacher would come into class in the late 40's and start swatting at his pocket? Seems he would put his pipe in his pocket while it was still lit. Can anyone name him.
Last Post: Jul 11th 2010
Author: Wallace
# of posts: 23
Classmates of 72
I only spend 9 months at CCI back in 72 I still think of my old class mates every so ofen.And wonder what they are up too and how they been. I took a look the 76 grad pictures Boy I would see the...
Last Post: Apr 15th 2010
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Connaught Billiards
I feel safe in saying that a very many of us have fond memories of time (mis-)spent in the Connaught Billiards (of which I have been unable to find any info whatsoever on the web).
It was...
Last Post: Oct 23rd 2009
Author: Cheese
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Chemistry Club in 1950
Thermite Experiment. Rather that repeat it here look in the forum under explosions.
Last Post: Oct 5th 2009
Author: Wallace
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Election Time
During school elections in the late 60s bands would set up in the main hall and play during lunch. One band was Dave Garner, Bob Cranch and others. (Name please Don D?) One day they were playing...
Last Post: Sep 3rd 2009
Author: nussa
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Moose Jaw dances
How about the peculiar (and yet so practical and a good form of exercise) practice at virtually all dances in MJ (not just @ CCI) of the crowd milling around the perimeter of those actually dancing...
Last Post: May 19th 2009
Author: Cheese
# of posts: 6
In 1950 John McCaslin and Fred Fysh prepared Thermite in the Chemistry Club. A mixture of iron oxide and xxxxx was placed in a small clay crucible. This was placed on a larger iron crucible filled...
Last Post: Apr 29th 2009
Author: jon
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Yes, you bet! I'll be The Girl from Ipanema and I will wear a Brasilian bikini- a fio dental
(dental floss)
Last Post: Apr 24th 2009
Author: nussa
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Kicked out of class
Remember hiding in the bathroom when you got kicked-out of class. As long as you stood on the toilet Max Ballard would never find you as he would just peer from the door.
Last Post: Apr 24th 2009
Author: Hills
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winning the girls basketball provincials in 71
my grade 12 year and Hartley Kerr was coach...may he rest in peace...he worked us like the guys football team..we practiced with 5lb weights on our ankles...we were a fit group...we outran everyone...
Last Post: Sep 20th 2008
Author: plynn
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Exams Stolen
In about 1968 or 69 students broke into CCI through the basement and unbeknownst to staff, stole exams. They studied them, wrote the exams and aced them.
Last Post: Jul 12th 2008
Author: nussa
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"The Toilet Bowl"
Does anyone remember this annual classic that ran from the mid '50's until ?
Last Post: Mar 28th 2008
Author: gmcleod
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Six -man Football - 1958
Does anyone remember " Six-Man Football ? There was one game [ only one] in the mud of Memorial Field and Central lost to Shaunavan , in what was apparently a play-off game . Does anyone know where...
Last Post: Oct 30th 2007
Author: BG
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