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where is
anyone know where either Bill or Barb Kane are???
Last Post: Sep 13th 2013
Author: plynn
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where is
grant shortridge?

is he available for this?
Last Post: Apr 2nd 2013
Author: jon
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Looking for Bruce Henderson and Lorne Richardson
These were two of my good friends during my grown up days in Moose Jaw. I would love to know where they are today and what they are doing. I miss those days and have not been back to Moose Jaw...
Last Post: Mar 5th 2012
Author: bradford1948
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Ruth McMurty
I haven't see or heard from Ruth. Good friend in 1966 and before. I heard she is in Australia. Love to email her. Thankyou. Heather Hiebert
Last Post: Mar 13th 2011
Author: willowprincess
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Terry Carlton - Band
Once, at band, wait.

Anybody know where Terry Carlton ended up? One of the few teachers I remembered.
Last Post: Aug 16th 2010
Author: tonymcfadden
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Wesley Bennett (Stephens), class of '67.
We lost track after about 40 years. Where are you?
Last Post: Aug 12th 2010
Author: cherylbastedo
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Class of '78
Brendan Stevens! Where you at?
Last Post: Jul 27th 2010
Author: sharma1960
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Missing from CLASS OF 1961
Lots of folks from CLASS OF 1961 are found but we still have a MOST WANTED LIST. It would be super for us if you had ANY lead on ANY of these classmates...Barb Latham // -
Last Post: May 24th 2010
Author: bklatham
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Where is?
Anyone know where a former teacher Vicki Lauscher may be?
Last Post: Apr 29th 2010
Author: arleneambrose
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Back in grade 9 in 1972 I had would like to say that I had a good friend Bev Wowk.I moved to Calgary that same year. We kept in touch by writing to each other. I made a couple of road trips to MJ to...
Last Post: Apr 28th 2010
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ralph johnstone
does any one know if he is available?
Last Post: Apr 7th 2010
Author: jon
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Where is
I'm wondering what happened to Pat Henderson and Marg Curry from my grad class of 1963. Does anyone know?
Last Post: Feb 24th 2010
Author: lollypop
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Another person...
... that was very much missing at the 75th Reunion... Dave Garner.

Where is Dave?
Last Post: Feb 7th 2010
Author: islandhermit
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where is?
Where is Karen Marlin? we were great friends, would love to reconnect
Last Post: Dec 9th 2009
Author: weezee
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where is
where are the Clark bros, Doug, Rob, Dean and Gary
Last Post: Oct 9th 2009
Author: kitts
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Looking for
Looking for Joan Miller, LeeAnne Hurlburt, Laura Freeman,Marg Kaufman, from the 1970 class send us an email.
Last Post: Oct 9th 2009
Author: Kitts
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Shirley Leard from Class of "58
Sarah (Diana Wright) Hope would like to find her. She was my attendant at our wedding at RCAF Station Gimli in 1961. At that time she was a flight attendant with Air Canada.
Last Post: Sep 23rd 2009
Author: hihope
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Fran Kellie - Class of 1964 and her sister
Lorraine Kellie - Class of 1961??
Last Post: Sep 15th 2009
Author: sandradv
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Where is ?
Have been asked , a few times , where is Harry ?- Harry Shankoff - class of 1959 .
Last Post: Jun 1st 2009
Author: BG
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Where is Kenneth Herring?
I am not sure if he graduated from the class of 1998, since I moved to Maidstone, Sk. in 1997-98 school year. Just curious as to where he is now. Thanks.
Last Post: May 18th 2009
Author: gxc92
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Where is?
Does anyone know where Heather (Foster) and Graham Foster are now? Heather graduated in 1976 (77?) Thought they went onto the University of Saskatchewan (doesn't narrow it down, I know).
Last Post: Dec 24th 2008
Author: erindmor
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where is vance curry
vance "the lance" curry, my neighbour on 6th, his mom made the best honey and peanut butter sandwiches and hot chocolate after a day of tobogganing. He was one of the best recievers we had on the...
Last Post: Dec 22nd 2008
Author: jon
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Karen here, living in Oakville ON now. Email me at
Last Post: Dec 21st 2008
Author: cbawlf
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Where are
My friends of old, Bob Grigg (AKA - Chief) and twins Don & Donna Tait from the class 1967 ??
Last Post: Nov 1st 2008
Author: Centurion
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Where is
I am looking for Phyllis Street Graduated in 1967. Moved to eastern Canada somewhere.
Last Post: Oct 29th 2008
Author: jarvis
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So many people... where to start?!
At the 75th there were several of us looking for one person that we couldn't seem to find...

... Lillian Cozac where are you?
Last Post: Oct 17th 2008
Author: islandhermit
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len greenough
no one ever seemed to know where he went
Last Post: Jul 13th 2008
Author: binabug
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Where is Bernadette Lynn Fraser Chow?
Does anyone know where Berna ended up? Any way to contact her? Valerie Kerns is looking for her!
Last Post: Jan 5th 2008
Author: eryn
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Last Post: Dec 12th 2007
Author: CBAWLF
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This is an APB looking for Bob Schultz (70)
I'm looking for you, Bob. Give me a shout though the Contact Us page.

- Don
Last Post: Dec 11th 2007
Author: islandhermit
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where is yvonne olson
she was my master freshie day made me shine max ballard shoes got one done and became a marked man,yvonne if you are out there send shoes ,still shinning them .where is brother brian.
Last Post: Nov 19th 2007
Author: duncan5
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