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Profile picture Jon Friel
steve murakami -deceased 2007
steve and i played many sports together from grade 9 on and we hung out constantly right through university days. His brother don murakami (class of 1962) pre-deceased Steve. Steve and I kept in touch some after graduation by then the odd xmas dinner and many xmas cards. I will say this if you were in trouble and ever needed some one to count for me it was Steve.
Profile picture Jim Cawsey Re: steve murakami -deceased 2007
I did not know steve had died until reading this site. I was looking forward to seeing him again to reminice about wrestling. In my grade nine year, we were attending the provincial wrestling competitions held at U of S and staying in a university dorm building. I cannot remember which one but I do remember 'enjoying' the view from an upside down perspective as Steve held me in said positon out the window of an upper floor. A strong, stockey fellow with a michevious grin and always a great sense of humour.