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Gord Carney - Class of 1960
Gordon Wayne Ward Carney-a personal memory - I remember walking into the main hall of Central Collegiate in September of 1956. I remember how excited I was to be going into Grade lX. As things progressed some of my new acquaintances became rather tired of my overblown rhetoric and bombastic vocabulary. By way of correcting this deficiency they brought a skinny young guy with straight black hair down to my room to indulge in verbal fencing-the weapons being overblown oratory. I can still see the sight of the two of us trying to one up each other using words we barely understood. This began a friendship with Gordon that lasted over 40 years until his death at the tragically young age of 57. If I had to characterize Gordon's overwhelming character trait. It would be loyalty; loyalty to his friends, loyalty to his colleagues, loyalty to his clients. When Gordon was with you he was with you all the way! - Over the years, we seldom lived in the same city, but we always kept in touch. When I came home after a bad day at the University things were always brighter when somebody told me that," there were some guy on the phone from Saskatoon that wanted to talk to you." A Chartered Accountant by trade, Gordon chose a life of working with and for large corporations. His great love was auditing. He conducted accounting practices in Toronto, Vancouver, Ladner, Saskatoon, and finally in Vancouver again. He finished his career as partner in a small Vancouver firm that specialized in insolvency. Gordon became a specialist in insolvency in the 1980s, because as he said. It struck him as the coming field-that tells you somthing about his humour! - Many at the University of Saskatchewan will remember him and be pleased to know that he was instrumental in the creation of Place Louis Riel. - Gordon had his demons-but then don't we all one way or another-he was by nature a conservative and guarded individual -guarded about his innermost feelings. As I knew him, and I believe I knew him better than most and as well as anyone did, there was always the curtain you could never quite penetrate. But he believed deeply in the importance of the Liberal party of Canada, he held very strongly to his high Church Anglicanism, he was a devoted member of his profession, but most of all. He was committed to his family and friends. My heart goes out to his Widow Jennette. - At the risk of being pretentious, the phrase that comes to mind is, there will never be another Gordon. Personally, I feel so lucky there was one. - - Submitted by Peter Bradley CCI Class of 1960 - - - - __________________________________________________ They told me, Heraclitus, they told me you were dead;
They brought me bitter news to hear and bitter tears to shed;
I wept, as I remembered, how often you and I
Had tired the sun with talking, and sent him down the sky.

And now that thou art lying, my dear old Carian guest,
A handful of grey ashes, long, long ago at rest,
Still are thy pleasant voices, thy nightingales, awake;
For Death, he taketh all away, but them he cannot take.

-- William Johnson Cory