May 7, 2009

CCI 100th Anniversary, Countdown to Kickoff!

The Kick Off was fantastic. Music, speeches, hot dogs and lots of students and past alumni. There is a separate page on this website with a few photos from this event.

On Friday, May 29th, 2009 Central Collegiate students and staff will launch the “CCI 100th Anniversary, Countdown to Kickoff”!  The event will recognize the initial opening of the school in the spring of 1909 and kickoff the countdown to the official CCI 100th reunion which is being celebrated in July 8-11, 2010.  One hundred years have passed since the inaugural day when students first arrived from Alexandra School to attend the brand new high school.
Beginning at 11:30am on May 29th, 2009 we will host a short program featuring some of our present day students and special guests. Following the program will be a BBQ lunch and a school open house for the remainder of the afternoon.  The ceremony will take place on the south side of the school on Ross Crescent and is open to the public. We hope you are able to attend as we celebrate our heritage!


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