April 5, 2008

News from the April 2nd Meeting


We had a great turnout of alumni (and retired faculty) for the April 2nd Committee meeting. Rumours of free pizza and beer didn't come true but everyone stayed to help accomplish the task at hand. From left to right in the photograph:

Deign Salido (87), Debbie Cowan (71), John Gibson (71) (back), Amanda Maier (00), Ashley Cunningham (01), Burk Reiman (86) (back), Harold Claffey (73), Sandra Vanderwell (Donnelly) (64), Joan Morris (Evans) (64), Rick Swenson (69), Donna Boser (Houghton) (73), Les Sydiaha (76), Brian Kitts (70), Gordon McIvor (48), Robbyn Mintenko-Cresta (73), Wally Williams (72)

What a happy bunch!

Two people at the meeting went to great lengths (literally) to attend. Sandra Vanderwell, our CCI 100 Contact Coordinator, came from Spruce Grove, AB and Wally Williams came from Winnipeg, MB.


Meeting Highlights   April 2, 2008

A motion was passed that there will be no 3rd party soliciting on the Reunion website.

We are looking for people to be decade reps as well as class reps.  The person in charge of Contacts is Sandra Vanderwell (Donnelly).  Her e-mail address is  cci100sv@telus.net.

Committee members are trying hard to get alumni to register on the new site.

Our hotel committee has had 3 meetings to date.  They mentioned how cooperative the hotels and campgrounds in and around Moose Jaw have been.  Rooms are already being booked and will go fast.

We need volunteers for various committees.  

Since our last meeting a $1000 donation was made to CCI 100.  We greatly appreciate the support.

At the next meeting, the committee will be looking at different souvenirs that will be sold on the website as well as at the reunion.  The committee welcomes any ideas and suggestions that you have, please email:  cci100@shaw.ca


A new tentative itinerary was listed:

Thursday -  registration

Friday - more registration, school tours, golf / team sports afternoon garden parties, evening beer gardens

Saturday - pancake breakfast, golf / team sports, lit, main banquet and dance

Sunday - church service, 5K Fun Run in Wakamow Park, Family Day (Wakamow Park)

Suggestions for events are gladly accepted (email: cci100@shaw.ca)


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Clayton Wilson on April 11, 2008 10:09 PM
Thanks for the minutes, sounds like a very productive meeting! I am an employee at the Saskatoon Public School Board so I am currently in the process of posting up a notice on our internal intranet bulletin board for CCI Alumni to register at this site. There might be other opportunities for others to post up on their internal portals as well.
Don on April 11, 2008 11:18 PM
Thanks, Clay. We're always looking for ways to get the word out to people.

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