August 29, 2012

The boys were back in town

Headline performed Friday night at Chillers Brew Pub to a sold out audience.
Headline performed Friday night at Chillers Brew Pub to a sold out audience.
Published on August 25, 2012
Cole Carruthers

'70s rockers Headline give homecoming performance in Moose Jaw

Big guitar rock, great times and a whole lot of nostalgia was on display at Chillers Brew Pub Friday night.

Classic rock band Headline played a 34 years in the making reunion show for Moose Jaw, offering up hits from Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

The band played in just about every small town in a 200 kilometre radius of Moose Jaw in the mid ‘70s. On Aug. 24, 1978 they played their last show at the Moose Jaw Union Centre to celebrate their first Canadian tour.

Drummer Nelson Bennett went on to become a reporter at the Times-Herald and later moved out to British Columbia. Others went on to become visual artists or video editors.

Only Sandy Lawson, lead guitar player for the band, stayed in the music industry, finding success with the hard rock band Sentinal who would reach the peak of their careers opening for KISS during their Animalize tour. Now he lives in Lethbridge and works at one of the community schools.

“It took five months of sending each other MP3 music files and YouTube clips to start to get ready,” Lawson said about the initial planning for the show. “We only had three days of actual rehearsal in a hot sweaty garage –– just like it should be.”

The wait was long enough for Moose Jaw fans who showed their support by selling out the concert. Most of the attendees either saw Headline back in the day or have a personal connection to the band. “My brother-in-law used to play with them,” Robin Bailey told the Times-Herald. “I want to show my support.”


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Don the Web Guy on August 29, 2012 11:41 AM
You may be wondering why this is in the Alumni News. it's a tip of the hat to Sandy Lawson, Grad of 75!

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