Liv Erickson Wins Top
Scholarship To U of S

Written by Ryan Vincent
Monday, Mar 20 2023
Discover Moose Jaw

Central Collegiate senior, Liv Erickson, has been awarded one of the Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships to the University of Saskatchewan. 

The George and Marsha Ivany President's First and Best Scholarship is awarded based on academics, leadership and contributions to the school and community, to a student from a Canadian high school with a 95 per cent average or higher.  

Erickson is one of five students to be awarded the scholarship and will receive $40,000 towards her schooling over the course of four years at the U of S. 

“I feel amazing,” she says. “I always felt really drawn to U of S for so many reasons, and it really felt like [the scholarship] solidified my decision clearly, and it’s gotten me really excited about going to university... I’m really pumped about it, it’s an awesome thing to receive.” 

She currently has a 96 per cent average and has made numerous contributions to the community. 

“In my written application, I talked about starting an environmental club at my high school, as well as getting involved in some other youth climate activism groups in Regina. Also, I spoke about my executive role in SLC (Student Leadership Council). I’m the Head of Fundraising so I plan a lot of fundraisers for our school.” 

Erickson is the Central Collegiate representative on the Youth Advisory Committee for the Moose Jaw City Council. The Youth Advisory Committee speaks about situations and issues in Moose Jaw that youth face and tries to come up with solutions to present to the city council. 

She also volunteered as a coach for the “Girls in the Game” organization. 

“They focus on encouraging young girls to stay in sports and encouraging self-confidence and strength, both mentally and physically,” she adds. 

Erickson plans on going into the Faculty of Arts and Science for a degree in the Environment and Society program with a certificate in sustainability. 

“I’m just passionate about climate action and I think that having an education in that field is what's going to make you a better leader. If you know what you’re talking about, you can act properly and be fit for any role, whether that's in politics or in any other sort of policy-making area. Even if that’s working on projects in sustainability, or research, or education, I think you really need to know what you’re talking about to be able to make a greater impact.”

February 11, 2009

Winter Newsletter

Hello CCI Alumni, Faculty and Staff  (1600 registered... and counting)

The Reunion is only 1 year 5 months and 1 day away.

We've got a real laundry list of items that we'd like to mention to everyone:

1. Donations

The size and scope of the 100 year reunion celebration will require funds greater than those generated by registration fees alone. The CCI100 reunion team is looking for both volunteers and donations in order to make the CCI100 reunion a success.  Please consider donating either your time or some operating funds to the reunion.  If donations and ticket sales exceed Reunion costs then any remaining funds will be used to establish a lasting legacy by creating a scholarship fund for CCI students.  Please look under the "Giving" header in the side menu for more information.

2. Committee Meetings

We've made it easier for people to put the CCI 100 Committee Meetings into their schedule. The CCI 100 Committee meetings will now be held on every 4th Tuesday of each month until June 2009 (ie. the next meeting is on Feb 24th; and then Mar 24; April 28; May 26; June 23). Meetings will be held in the CCI Library and start at 7 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend. The schedule for Committee Meetings after June 2009 will be decided at the June 23, 2009 meeting.

3. FAQ

We've added a FAQ page on the website that will try to answer some of the most "frequently asked questions". Questions with answers will continue to be added to the site.

4. Accommodation

We've had quite a few inquiries about hotel bookings and whether it would be a good idea to book now. In our estimation the earlier you can book a room the better. Always remember, though, that booking a room does not always guarantee that room. It's best to make a confirmation call 4 to 6 months in advance of the booking and sometimes it's best to hold the booking with a credit card number.

5. Manual Registration

If anyone knows alumni, faculty or staff that are not hooked up to the internet but you think they would be interested in the Reunion please send us their name, address and/or phone number and we will ensure that a manual registration form is sent to them and that they will be updated with any new Reunion information. Remember: Registering your name on the website does not commit you to attending the Reunion; once plans are finalized we will be selling tickets to the Reunion events and registering on the website gives us the information we need to keep you up to date on our plans. 

6. Blood, Sweat and Volunteers

We are looking for Coordinators in a number of areas to join our very enthusiastic (and very cool and highly intelligent) Reunion Team (see the Reunion Team page on the website to view our current members).

Coordinators will:

• set up a committee for their area as needed

• prepare and maintain budget for their area

• prepare ongoing and final reports to executive

In addition to the following specific duties for each Coordinator:

Registration   – Initiates pre-registration procedure

                      – Will work closely with Web guy and


Registration Packages – Prepare kits, tickets, etc for events, set up registration desks                           

Memories – Investigates formats and costs for an audio/visual item to remember CCI and the Reunion; decide on amounts of each to obtain and make arrangements to have produced

Clean-Up – Work with Exhibition, Sports Coordinator and Family Day Coordinator with regard to the sites used

Transportation –  Determine the needs during the reunion; obtain quotes and make arrangements for transportation between venues, hotels and parking sites

Decorating   – Determine the theme to be used and

                        the needs and costs of decorating

                     – enlist workers to set up and

                        take down

Mix and Mingle Year Parties – Enlist class year reps to host class year get-togethers at a venue of their choice (ie. homes, halls, park etc.)

Non-denominational  Church Service – arrange for persons to conduct service and assist them with whatever needs arise

Plus..... we still need Contact Reps (alumni that will help us find people from their class year) for the following years:    1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008

Please contact us at if you are interested in filling any of these volunteer positions.

7. Alumni List PDF File

It's back! The registration list by grad year pdf file link is back on the site, its been placed near the top of the home page (nice yellow link just below the scrolling marque). We've also fixed the file size... it was getting way too big; much better now.

8. Photos

Photos, photos photos!! If you have CCI related photos, we'd love to see them... actually, everyone would like to see them. Photos have been a real hit on the website!

We ask everyone to encourage those people who haven't registered to come and join us on the website, There's no commitment and it's fun, it's painless and we promise not to spam anyone.

We'd like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support. See you at the Reunion!


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Garth on February 13, 2009 9:01 AM
 I  have had a conversation with Don Dickinson in Victoria to see if we could organize a coffee house at St. Aidans church on High St. (Formerly St. Johns church).  I would imagine there will be a need for older people to go for refreshments and a time of relaxation after walking the streets (tunnels, Crescent Park, etc.) and this would be an ideal location.  It could also be a place where you have some memorabilia set up for display - I was thinking of the grad pictures that I remember hung on the walls at Central.  I have talked to St. Aidans people and they have advised me that the restoration work they are doing will not affect the lower hall, or what was called the parish hall with the kitchen.  I looked at your schedule and it seems pretty full of activities but I do think there is a need for something like a coffee house.  If you wish I could look after any set up, take down and clean up of  such a fascility.  I know the place extremely well from growing up there.  Looking at the list of attendees, there would seem to be a great many who attended that church and who might like to stop off during their reunion time.  I would probably ask volunteers from the church to run a coffee house.  I still know many of the parishioners as I did a fundraising concert there in 2007 and, as I say, they seem to be receptive to what I have in mind.  I might even look into having some entertainment , live and otherwise, incorporated in the Coffee House.  Let me know what you think.
Also - if you want to put me down for the rep for 1952 class, you can do so.  Just what does that entail?
Garth Hampson (613) 824-2350
Don on February 13, 2009 11:01 AM
I think this is an excellent idea Garth. I'll be sure to put this in our next email newsletter.

By older I would assume that you mean anyone from my age onward... you'll probably see me passed out in the corner!

Thank you.

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