Liv Erickson Wins Top
Scholarship To U of S

Written by Ryan Vincent
Monday, Mar 20 2023
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Central Collegiate senior, Liv Erickson, has been awarded one of the Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships to the University of Saskatchewan. 

The George and Marsha Ivany President's First and Best Scholarship is awarded based on academics, leadership and contributions to the school and community, to a student from a Canadian high school with a 95 per cent average or higher.  

Erickson is one of five students to be awarded the scholarship and will receive $40,000 towards her schooling over the course of four years at the U of S. 

“I feel amazing,” she says. “I always felt really drawn to U of S for so many reasons, and it really felt like [the scholarship] solidified my decision clearly, and it’s gotten me really excited about going to university... I’m really pumped about it, it’s an awesome thing to receive.” 

She currently has a 96 per cent average and has made numerous contributions to the community. 

“In my written application, I talked about starting an environmental club at my high school, as well as getting involved in some other youth climate activism groups in Regina. Also, I spoke about my executive role in SLC (Student Leadership Council). I’m the Head of Fundraising so I plan a lot of fundraisers for our school.” 

Erickson is the Central Collegiate representative on the Youth Advisory Committee for the Moose Jaw City Council. The Youth Advisory Committee speaks about situations and issues in Moose Jaw that youth face and tries to come up with solutions to present to the city council. 

She also volunteered as a coach for the “Girls in the Game” organization. 

“They focus on encouraging young girls to stay in sports and encouraging self-confidence and strength, both mentally and physically,” she adds. 

Erickson plans on going into the Faculty of Arts and Science for a degree in the Environment and Society program with a certificate in sustainability. 

“I’m just passionate about climate action and I think that having an education in that field is what's going to make you a better leader. If you know what you’re talking about, you can act properly and be fit for any role, whether that's in politics or in any other sort of policy-making area. Even if that’s working on projects in sustainability, or research, or education, I think you really need to know what you’re talking about to be able to make a greater impact.”

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February 11, 2009

Winter Newsletter

Hello CCI Alumni, Faculty and Staff  (1600 registered... and counting)

The Reunion is only 1 year 5 months and 1 day away.

We've got a real laundry list of items that we'd like to mention to everyone:

1. Donations

The size and scope of the 100 year reunion celebration will require funds greater than those generated by registration fees alone. The CCI100 reunion team is looking for both volunteers and donations in order to make the CCI100 reunion a success.  Please consider donating...


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Garth on February 13, 2009 9:01 AM
 I  have had a conversation with Don Dickinson in Victoria to see if we could organize a coffee house at St. Aidans church on High St. (Formerly St. Johns church).  I would imagine there will be a need for older people to go for refreshments and a time of relaxation after walking the streets (tunnels, Crescent Park, etc.) and this would be an ideal location.  It could also be a place where you have some memorabilia set up for display - I was thinking of the grad pictures that I remember hung on the walls at Central.  I have talked to St. Aidans people and they have advised me that the restoration work they are doing will not affect the lower hall, or what was called the parish hall with the kitchen.  I looked at your schedule and it seems pretty full of activities but I do think there is a need for something like a coffee house.  If you wish I could look after any set up, take down and clean up of  such a fascility.  I know the place extremely well from growing up there.  Looking at the list of attendees, there would seem to be a great many who attended that church and who might like to stop off during their reunion time.  I would probably ask volunteers from the church to run a coffee house.  I still know many of the parishioners as I did a fundraising concert there in 2007 and, as I say, they seem to be receptive to what I have in mind.  I might even look into having some entertainment , live and otherwise, incorporated in the Coffee House.  Let me know what you think.
Also - if you want to put me down for the rep for 1952 class, you can do so.  Just what does that entail?
Garth Hampson (613) 824-2350
Don on February 13, 2009 11:01 AM
I think this is an excellent idea Garth. I'll be sure to put this in our next email newsletter.

By older I would assume that you mean anyone from my age onward... you'll probably see me passed out in the corner!

Thank you.

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December 27, 2008

Moose Jaw's Senate Connection


Moose Jaw’s Senate connection

The Moose Jaw Times Herald

Saskatchewan’s newest senator, Pamela Wallin, has a Moose Jaw connection.
    Wallin, known for her work as a journalist and diplomat, attended Central  Collegiate for Grades 10, 11 and 12.
From Wadena, Wallin spoke to the Times-Herald recently about her role as a senator and how Saskatchewan influenced her as a person.
    Wallin lived in Moose Jaw, Wadena, Prince Albert and Regina while growing up.
    “I think h...


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October 29, 2008

Is There Any News?

I thought it would be best to write something... anything... to let you know that, in actual fact, a lot of things have been happening since the last news entry.

- We've had 2 Committee Meetings, one in September and one in October.

- A tentative list of events has been posted on the website.

- More photos have been added to the Photo Albums (we're always looking for photographs... especially from 1986 to the present).

- Almost 200 more registrants, 1500 people have now registered.

- The Reunion...


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July 8, 2008

Committee meeting in 34 degree heat!

Don Dickinson (web guy), Debbie Cowan (Co-chair), Deign Salido (Co-chair)
Don Dickinson (web guy), Debbie Cowan (Co-chair), Deign Salido (Co-chair)
When the heat rises the only place to hold a small impromptu committee meeting is in Crescent Park.

Guess which one of us is in the best physical condition.


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June 5, 2008

Notes from the June 4th Meeting

Well... okay... no notes yet, but we do have a photograph of everyone who participated in the June 4th Committee meeting.


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June 5, 2008

Committee Meeting, Sept. 10th

There will be a CCI 100 Reunion Committee meeting on Wednesday, September 10th at 7 pm in the CCI Library. Everyone is welcome.


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April 5, 2008

News from the April 2nd Meeting


We had a great turnout of alumni (and retired faculty) for the April 2nd Committee meeting. Rumours of free pizza and beer didn't come true but everyone stayed to help accomplish the task at hand. From left to right in the photograph:

Deign Salido (87), Debbie Cowan (71), John Gibson (71) (back), Amanda Maier (00), Ashley Cunningham (01), Burk Reiman (86) (back), Harold Claffey (73), Sandra Vanderwell (Donnelly) (64), Joan Morris (Evans) (64), Rick Swenson (69), Donna Boser (Houghton) (73)...


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March 12, 2008

Who's Who 03/12/08

To date we have 712 Alumni, Faculty and Staff registered on the website.

Registered Alumni by country:

Canada    676
USA    25
New Zealand    3
Hong Kong    2

With one person each from these countries: Australia, Belgium, England, Finland, Korea and Thailand.

The top 6 cities with the most registered Alumni:

Moose Jaw     184
Calgary            65
Regina             59
Saskatoon        45
Edmonton        17
Toronto            15

Registered Alumni by decade:

1930’s    2
1940’s    8
1950’s  ...


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January 17, 2008

Who's Who

To date we have 583 Alumni registered on the website.

Registered Alumni by country:

Canada    552
USA    22
New Zealand    2

With one person each from these countries: Australia, Belgium, England, Finland, Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand.

The top 5 cities with the most registered Alumni:

Moose Jaw     134
Calgary            57
Saskatoon        42
Regina             41
Edmonton        17

Registered Alumni by decade:

1930’s    1
1940’s    8
1950’s    43
1960’s    147
1970’s    113
1980’s    123


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January 14, 2008

Congratulations, Cyclones!

The Central Cyclones have claimed the title in the Moose Jaw Invitational Senior Basketball Tournament with a 68-58 win over the North Battleford Vikings.
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