"Recte Putando et Faciendo - By Right Thinking and Doing"

CCI Alumni is the place for all CCI Students or Staff to tell us what you've been doing and to let us have a look at you, then and now. CCI Alumni is just a fun way to say hello to everyone and also acts as a contact list so that we can keep everyone up to date with the latest CCI Alumni news.

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Lynda Young
BC CA RT-retired Married 4 1966
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Carissa Harrington (Demian)
Vancouver BC Married 4
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Shara Neudeck (Fuss)
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Langdon AB Canada 4 1995
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Derek Franks
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Las Vegas NV United States professional gambler Married 1971
attended U of R, originally in Chem Eng., but switched to Comp Sci., left prior to graduatiion to earn some $$ with intention to return soon.  Worked for Sask. Tel., Sask Wheat Pool then Systemhouse in Regina, Boston, Pinawa, Los Angeles.  Returned to U of R after 14 yr "break" and graduated in '93  LOL.  Worked in LA for 2 more years before moving to Las Vegas, got married (2nd)  in 1999 to another professional gambler.  Retired as of '19 and moving to Thailand mid 2019
THEN photo is from MJ Lions Band tour of Scotland,England+Holland 1970
NOW photo from Caribbean cruise 2008
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Perry Ross
Moose Jaw Admin Assistant Married 2003 Hey there school stalkers.
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Matt Walz
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Saskatoon SK Canada Police Officer Married 2 2000
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Shane Rechner
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Mississauga ON Canada General Manager, OK Tire Distribution Centre Ontario www.oktire.com Single 1986
Active at home and internationally as a volunteer, advocate and fundraiser for children suffering the effects of Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops, causing a progressive inability to use muscles for eye and body movements and speech. It occurs almost exclusively in girls and affects approximately 1 in 8500 live births worldwide. I started Canucks 4 Cammy to support Cammy Babiarz who has this disease. Visit Cammy Can on Facebook to learn more. Send Shane a MessageSend Shane a Message
kelly toombs
AB CA Single 1973
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Marla Larrivee
rural NOT IN US OR CANADA KR www.rescuekorea.org Single 1996
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Sherry Wiens (Luke)
Moose Jaw Canada Restaurant Owner Divorced 3 1988
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