"Recte Putando et Faciendo - By Right Thinking and Doing"

CCI Alumni is the place for all CCI Students or Staff to tell us what you've been doing and to let us have a look at you, then and now. CCI Alumni is just a fun way to say hello to everyone and also acts as a contact list so that we can keep everyone up to date with the latest CCI Alumni news.

Just click on the "Add Your Profile" button, give yourself a username and password (so that you are the only one able to make changes to your information) and then fill in the blanks* and upload your photos. Graduation Year is one of the required fields. If you were not at Central during your graduation year, please enter the year you would have graduated had you been attending Central at that time.

*You'll notice that not all of the information that you enter is shown on the website. Your privacy is very important to us. Your home address, phone number and email address is contact information used only by the Committee. Please remember that although your email address is not shown in your profile, it will be visible to anyone receiving a message from you.


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Lauran Armbruster
Profile picture
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Brent Dayton
Regina SK CA Married 2 1972
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Greg Schwenneker
Winnipeg MB CA Married 1 1964
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Rick Lasby
Calgary AB CA Chemical Engineer (retired) lasby.ca Married 2 1976
Fellow Alumni,

I am late with a profile posting.  The passing of a best freind and fellow allumnus, Don Campbell, emphasized that old friends are not forgotten and that further delay is risky.  None of my classmates remain a young person. 

I was valedictorian in the spring of 1976.  I would write a much better speech, now.

Write to me and say hello.  I thought the student body of CCI was a wonderful collection of people when I attended.  I'd love to hear from anyone who knew me, or my brother Brett. 


Rick Lasby
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Derick Fisher
BC CA Electrician Married 2 1996
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Chris Bode
Regina SK CA Married 1991
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Garth Zimmer
Profile picture
Profile picture
Toronto ON Canada Architect Married 1983
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Ernest Vance Curry
Guelph ON CA Retired Widowed 4 1964
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Elijah Baiton
Moose Jaw SK Control Systems Programmer 2007
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G.B. Henderson
Victoria BC Canada Educator Married 1 1965 English
It will be a longer trip to the reunion for us now; we've just relocated to Victoria, BC. I'll be doing some teaching at Royal Roads University, and working on my golf game when I can. It's lovely out here. Send G.B. a MessageSend G.B. a Message
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